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1,tree poseFeet together, p90x3 schedule begins with the mountain pose,toes fully open stretch;front thigh muscle you to drive near the knee muscles.Straighten your spine,chest and shoulders.Hands together to do a prayer gesture, p90x3 review the thumb to the chest,elbows bent close to the body.Now lifted his left foot,tightly attached to the inner right thigh (when necessary,can use your hands to help), balance, your right leg to maintain upright posture.Adhere to the 5 breath of time.If you are relatively poor flexibility and softness,can put his left leg or foot joints into position.You seem like a tree, p90x3 nutrition guide rooted in the earth,deep breathing.2,crescent Starting from the tree pose,left foot step back one step,heel lift,leg unbend.Bend your right knee,and a straight line.The arm up,hands together.Press shoulder and back down.Keep 5 breathing time.If you think that yoga is not a real exercise, then try this action! Your legs will tell you it's feeling.3,samurai II From the beginning of crescent, p90x3 release date the left foot, toes turned 30 degrees, still straight leg, hip rotation of 90 degrees. With the right foot and the left foot back to maintain a line, the knee is maintained at 90 degrees, the hips,body and shoulders relaxed,centered, p90x3 download stretch your arms,shoulder high,palm down.Hard to stretch your fingers,as if to touch the wall.The eye to focus in the right middle finger. p90x3 vs t25 Keep breathing 5 times.The name says it all,you are very powerful warrior.

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